Exploring Chile (Video)

The video begins with a quote by Gustave Flaubert: “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

And from there, it took me on an emotional virtual tour around Chile.

There are countless of travel videos out there, but it is seldom that we stumble upon a video that wonderfully captures the soul of the destination. One of these rare finds is the Exploring Chile video by Rahela Jagric, a filmmaker and a traveler from Slovenia.

In 2015, Rahela traveled to picturesque Chile, where she recorded scenes from wild Patagonia in the South to the arid Atacama Desert in the North. “My boyfriend and I started the journey at the very south in Punta Arenas and in one month traveling by bus, we reached Atacama Desert,” she shares. “Every single day in Chile was an adventure for us, and we truly hope to visit this beautiful country again.”

Exploring Chile from Rahela Jagric on Vimeo.

What I loved the most about the video, which was shot using a Canon 5D and a GoPro Hero, was its sincerity. It’s the work of someone madly in love with Chile. If Chile were a person, Rahela successfully captured her raw beauty: when she just woke up, when she’s not looking. Her beauty is one that does not have pride, that isn’t aware. Rahela was able to film simple but powerful images that are able to stir some sort of emotion: sometimes curiosity, other times just pure wonder.

She made me fall in love with Chile.


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