100km Walk Around Tokyo, Japan (Video)

Tokyo is one of those destinations I didn’t expect I would fall in love with. While I had a few courses on Japanese history and Japanese cinema back in college, there was never a point that I stopped and dreamt of going to Japan. But two years ago, when I was there, in the middle of the action-packed Tokyo, I kicked myself in the butt for not paying attention to much of its culture. It was during that trip that I finally appreciated much of what makes a stay in the land of the rising sun always something to remember — its heavenly cuisine, organized chaos, and warm hospitality.

I loved it so much I’m returning to Tokyo next week. And I can’t wait!

So what is it like to roam the streets of Tokyo? Traveler Jacob Laukaitis created the video below to give you a sneak peek into an ordinary touring day in the Japanese capital. He walked 100 kilometers in three days during his last visit. The vid will take you from his capsule hotel to the shines and temples to the stores and supermarkets — all at eye-level, which makes you feel like you’re really there.

“It was tiring but absolutely amazing,” says Jacob. “Tokyo is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world.”


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