Spring in Korea: 9 Places to Visit in and around Seoul

Spring has sprung!

Coming from a tropical country, experiencing snow is a ‘dream come true’. But staying outside with temperature that drops to negative twenty or even lower, it can be very hard to endure. The end of winter signals a happy time for many residents of Korea, locals and foreigners alike.

Spring in South Korea runs from March to May. There are so many things to do in Seoul and neighboring cities and provinces.


1. Go biking around Han River

If you are fond of watching Korean dramas, lovers riding the bike together is a popular scene, especially along Han River. During springtime, Koreans love going to parks, bringing their own bicycles or renting out, enjoying the cool breeze and the picturesque view.


2. Enjoy the beautiful flowers at the Garden of Morning Calm

Flowers of different kinds are starting to bloom. In mid-April, Korea will be colored by beautiful flowers in full bloom. Garden of Morning Calm is just one of the many vast gardens of South Korea where you can see diverse species of flora. It is located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province, just a few hours away from Seoul. Spending a day in this 3-hectare garden can be truly relaxing. It will make you understand why South Korea I called “The Land of Morning Calm”.


3. Take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms in Yeouido

South Korea is one of the nearest countries from the Philippines where you can see the aloof but captivating Cherry Blossoms. They only impress their spectators for a while, and they wither soon after. It’s best to know the forecast of Cherry Blossoms before coming to Korea if you are eager to catch them or you might get disappointed. If you’re only in Seoul for a short time, Yeouido in Yeongdongpo, Seoul is one of the best places to be surrounded by these beautiful flowers. You can walk along a whole stretch of white and pinkish Korean Cherry Blossom Trees with petals falling beautifully.


4. Feel the breeze as you go down the steep slope of the wooden roller coaster in Everland

Everland Amusement Park is one of our favorite springtime destinations in South Korea. Not only does it have rides for all ages, it entertains its visitors with glamorous parades and colorful gardens filled with tulips and other flowers. If you want to experience the cool breeze touching your face, try the wooden roller coaster ‘T-Express’ and you can scream at the top of your lungs to relieve your stress. Just make sure you’re physically fit for it. If not, there are so many other things you can do inside South Korea’s largest theme park.


5. Feel like a royalty inside Gyeongbokgung Palace

Wear a ‘hanbok’ (Korean traditional attire) and you can enter Gyeongbokgung Palace for free. Spring is a good time to wear one. Capture moments as you pretend to be a princess or a prince, a king or a queen during the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung, is the largest and considered as the most beautiful of the palaces in Seoul. In spring, flowers are everywhere around the palace. This is a place you don’t want to miss.


6. Be rejuvenated as you reach the top of Bukhan Mountain (Bukhansan) overlooking the city Seoul

Mountain climbing is one of the locals’ favorite things to do, especially when the sun is out. This is one reason why many of them are healthy and strong, especially the old men and women called ‘ahjummas’ and ‘ahjussis’. South Korea boasts of majestic mountains with changing beauty, depending on the season. Bukhansan, also called Samgaksan, is one of them. The walk to the top of the mountain can be tiring, but when you see the view of Seoul from the top, it’s going to be worth the sweat and effort.


7. Stroll around Nami Island

Nami Island in Gapyeong, located west of Seoul, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Korea. You can ride a bike, ride a boat, have a picnic, and take pictures of the spots where the popular Korean Drama, “Endless Love: Winter Sonata” was shot. You can also experience Cherry Blossoms in the island. Springtime is a very good time to stroll around Nami Island.


8. Have picnic with family in Ilsan Lake Park

Springtime is the best season to spread a picnic mat and spend time with family and friends over food and stories. Ilsan Lake Park, just nearby Seoul, is a nice place to relax and unwind. This almost a hundred-hectare man-made lake park offers its visitors a place where their eyes and also their hearts are satisfied.


9. Go sightseeing or simply walk along the streets of Seoul

Since the weather is perfect, not too cold and not too warm, it’s the best time to stroll the streets of Seoul. You can also take sightseeing buses to maximize your time. Seoul is a beautiful city. There are a lot of cultural and historical sites to visit, shopping areas where you can splurge, and different kinds of people to encounter.


The season of hibernation is finally over. Now that the temperature is rising, time to lessen those heavy winter jackets, flaunt those fancy dresses and witness the leaves grow and flowers bloom. Get ready to be amazed, as the surroundings turn from dull to colorful, and as the gloomy winter mood becomes bright and sunny. Oh, Mr.Sun and Ms. Rose, it’s so great to have you back!


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